Day #1 – What’s In A Name

at irregular intervals; intermittently; repeated bursts of activity

Hi, my name is Dave, and In Fits and Starts is my new healthy living blog.  I envision it as a combination of personal goals, motivations and struggles in adopting a healthier lifestyle combined with a good dose of information on food, drinks, recipes, exercise, health and well-being.  My intent is not to document my successes and failures, connect with others working towards that same goals, motivate myself to stay the course by documenting why I’m doing what I’m doing, and pass along any information I find useful.

So why is the site called In Fits and Starts?  I think my efforts to get healthier and live a healthier lifestyle have been hit or miss at best.  I get myself psyched to lose weight, or start exercising, or get quality sleep, and I’m very gung ho for a few weeks, or a few months.  Eventually my enthusiasm wanes and I fall back into my old bad habits, only to start up again and do it all over.

Since I am categorically not creative, coming up with a website name is hard!  I wanted something different, yet something that embodied my past and future struggles.  The phrase “in fits and starts” means “at irregular intervals; intermittently; repeated bursts of activity” which seems to fit me perfectly.

If past history is any indicator of future performance, I’m sure that I’ll continue to struggle to make healthy living a permanent lifestyle.  I decided to embrace that struggle with the name In Fits and Starts, and hopefully by making it mine I will learn to control it.